tidally locked world

The City in the Middle
of the Night

Investigate the characters' relationships on an estuary-sealed planet where humanity is most often separated between two classically different urban locations, among hostile alien existence. Explore unique relationship motifs throughout the book and reportage of modern societal
and political concerns as illustrated in its alien context.

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Get your hands on a book by best-selling author Charlie Jane Anders, an American writer who has won numerous awards for writing science fiction writings.

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Read this novel filled with new concepts and set on planets where the characters' lives are tied to the conditions of the environment.

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A new novel with a novel idea depicting human conditions in extremes by clearly defining day and night and stringently enforced social conventions.

Anders contains multitudes; it’s always a fascinating and worthwhile surprise to see what she comes up with next!

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About This Book

Charlie's City in the Middle of the Night Jane Anders is a brilliantly written work of social science fiction as well as an up-close depiction of people who have been harmed by their cultures. On planet January, human progress sticks to life on a subjugated planet partitioned by frozen solid shadows on one side and scorching unending sunlight on the opposite side.

The City in the Middle of the Night

by Charlie Jane Anders


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"One of the best works of social science fiction I've read. The characters are valid to their roles, and the societal norms depicted in the novel can be compared to the current era."
Andrew E. Allen
"Charlie Jane Anders is a highly skilled and well-informed writer. Her stories are often filled with fantasy, kindness, heartbreak, and a profound investigation of what defines us as individuals."
Alma M. Chambers

the science in science fiction with a fascinating premise!

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A Book Review of ‘The City in the Middle of the Night’

Book Review

Each book has a turning point. A section where the author must clearly state their central thesis. Where it occurs is irrelevant; what matters is that it occurs. It is the setting in which the primary individual come to terms with the issues at hand, comprehend the price, and even momentarily glimpse the destiny. It is the plot’s geographic centre and, regardless of the place it originates from, is in the centre. All that has come before and will serve as preface. Following is the outcome.


Delving into the book

Charlie Jane Anders placed her discussion in the midst of a chaotic scene while introducing a new figure on page 212 of The City In The Middle Of The Night, midway across the page. If you place too much emphasis on them, great political ideals will collapse.

In this situation, we are: the far-off planetary January, a tidal currents body. An inferno that will burn you with its fire is on the side facing the sun. The other looks out into outer space. Its gloom will suffocate you. And after a little least understood ecological calamity, settlers existed here a very lengthy time ago and, somewhat illogically, opted to stay in this outwardly brutal environment, in which they could barely survive by using other species as food.

They constructed Xiosphant and Argelo, two magnificent towns. For most of the first, there is no normal day/night rhythm, thus life is controlled and regulated, and conducted by the click and tic toc of an arbitrary time scheme. Everything was altered in order to integrate and prosper in this foreign environment, distorted by the absence of a living ecosystem and strained by the gradual breakdown of all the connected with internet with them from Earth. This involves the language, the economics, and the political system. Argelo, the next, is the opposition. It is governed by bands of criminals that are continuously at war and chaotic. You are free to engage in whatever you really want. The issue is that every other person does.


January had a native species first before settlers existed. The alligators are sophisticated, amazing beings that Sophie subsequently refers to as the Gelet. They hold all recollections of what has ever happened, interact mentally, and do so through feel and smell. They also have a massive city in the midst of the earth’s natural darkness. In fact, they are despised by humans since they resemble enormous fuzzy ice crabs. So, they go hunting, shoot these, and enjoy eating them. Cause, you know, people. They had do anything to survive.

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We can assist you in getting going when you’re prepared to make the jump and actually start writing the novel you’ve often wanted to. You should take into account that attitude, manner, personalities, and your narrative are mostly what determine how writing style is accomplished. These different writing challenges are unique and 100 percent original, and you won’t find them somewhere else. If you’re prepared to get writing straight away, below are a few ideas to get your flow of creativity in order to discover your literary voice and become an expert in your field.

Fantasy writing prompts

Write about a character who dreams they possess a particular special ability or talent only to learn the following day that they absolutely do.

Fantasy writing

Explain about your central protagonist, a mythical species that has scoured the world in quest of its unique connection.

Write about a group of mystical creatures that can summon fire, master it, and survive in it. The globe they live in is sadly heading toward a glacial period, which might lead to their demise if they do not even figure out how to get along with their water-wielding foe.

Create a world in your novel where wizardry is prevalent, pervasive, and valued. Your main character is devoid of any magical abilities, or perhaps even just the popular ones.

Sci-Fi Writing Prompts

Write about a protagonist who awakens alone in a space capsule next to a spacecraft that is so large that a planet is literally being carried underneath it. Your person has no recollection of their dreams.

Develop a character who lives in an environment where each woman’s DNA is specifically engineered to do something that will benefit the group. The central protagonist hates the purpose for which they were made. Nothing like this has ever occurred.

Writing Prompts

Write about the way the world that your person is living on differs from Earth. They are so ignorant of Earth’s existence, in fact. Actually, they didn’t till a highly sophisticated investigation crashed into their community and revealed that they are not alone. They must now choose what will benefit their colony the most.

Write a book describing how dehumanisation, hunger, and war once ravaged the globe. But now that a technological structure that serves as the hub and governs everything has been created over many years, it is now almost entirely tranquil. The engineer that keeps the system operating is you, and when they figure out how it operates, they think about giving up everything they know.

Describe the most recent development in augmented world that incorporates a tactile sense. These days, your heroes could even connect with individuals through telephone even at home. However, if a bug changes the processes, what was previously joy turns into anguish, and the person is subsequently imprisoned in a VR condition.